This is the story of “How the implementation of simple though, with the right people at the right time can change the life”

During world wide lockdown, many businesses have been shut down or faced big losses. But still, there are many smart people, who took this situation as one of the opportunities.  They have used their brain and generated a good amount of money even though it is not a good time for new business.

Due to COVID19, people scared to come out of their houses. Even while its a matter of eating food outside, nobody interested due to health issues. So no outgoing, no food at the restaurants and no trust at all on delivery people. So the lady, who is a housewife only, took the opportunity. She was already cooking food for the family with several members, She has started extra cooking and offered the tiffin service to nearby. She was good at cooking and was an expert to cook a number of dishes. She got an opinion from some of friend to stat online food delivery business from home only. But as she was a housewife, she needs someone to guide her. Finally, they found TechnoAdvise to help them and she associated them with them for all IT services.

After associating with TechnoAdviser, She has created her website as well as a mobile application to receive online orders for the various dishes she is cooking. When you are having an appropriate consultant, who can stop you? She got many advanced modules on the website along with product listing, Product pricing, availability, inventory, online ordering, coupon, review and many more. Now when they have approached the people at the right time, no one can stop them. and they are really doing well.


Just like that lady, now this is the time to grab opportunities to understand the demand of the current market and offer the best and competitive offer to them against their requirement. Either you are Doctor, Advocate, Restaurant Owner, Salon Owner, Grocery Store Owner or engaged with any professions. If you are not having your online presence, you can not succeed with your business and another competitor will grab this opportunity.

So whatever business you are having, if you are not having online presence, you will remain in a limited market segment.