Multi-Level Marketing is a nowadays common word while it comes to direct selling, in other words selling from manufacturing to end-user via the human channel. Each channel will gain the benefit to refer or sale others. why so? They can google and go to the online store, or they can visit the mall and buy it directly instead of involving in all these networking.

Yes very true, its all-round and round networking, but if it is designed in a proper way, its beneficial to all. Instead of paying to wholesalers, transporter, it is a more effective way to sell the product directly to end consumers without spending on marketing or publicity. Is that possible without Marketing? Yes, most common and old marketing strategy is mouth to mouth marketing. One will share with 10 and 10 with the other 10. It will result in thousands.

But how it is possible, why people will spread your product. Definitely you need to provide them some kind of benefit. If they will get some benefit, commission, they would love to do it. Moreover, if they will keep getting the benefit of commission due to their single approval will more attract them to promote your products.

But nowadays, there are so many MLM available and creating the wrong image as what they are offering is not up to the mark products or gifting unused products to their buyers. To override though my buyer has introduced the products which are in day to day use of everybody. Even they do not need to buy at a time. It can be ordered separately at any time until the available commission amount.

So now they are established and doing more better then what they have though. Below are the modules that we have served them.

  • Multi-level user registration & restriction
  • Multi-level commission management, reward management,
  • Channel listing, channel distribution, channel breaking
  • Integration of various platforms, like an e-commerce store, service management platform, advertisement platform and many more.

There are many more points, which we will disclose in our next article. But if you are interested to know, please contact us anytime

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